Doug Bolden's Simple RGB Match Game



The Rules: When you load the page, and when you click "Restart with New Colors", two different colors are randomly generated. The one, a Target color, is represented by three hexadecimal digits: 0-F. This value is "hidden" except by the color being represented. You also have a Current color which you are striving to make match the Target. You can then add or subtract red, blue, and green by steps of 1 (again, a maximum of 0, and a maximum of F, in each color). Or you can click "match" to set the Current red/blue/green to the Target red/blue/green. When you match the color precisely, the words "match" will show up. You can then choose another starting Target/Current color and try again. If you need help, click "Show Target" or "Show Current" to get the values, in RGB/Hex to show up.

Notes: This is a very simple game programmed a bit poorly by me. It was an exercise in learning how to manipulate in-line HTML elements using Javascript. It has the added benefit in helping me to train with some online color theory. It is limited to 4096 colors (16 potential values each of red, blue, and green). It could be expanded to be 256 values of *each* color, which puts the potential color combos in the millions. It is probably best to start with "Show Current RGB" checked on until you get the hang of it.

History: The idea was original to make a game, much like this, where you crawled around potential HSV space trying to match colors, in a certain number of moves, by changing the Hue, Saturation, and Value. This game is a much simpler version of that but has a similar vibe.

Version 1.3, 5 Jan 2015