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The following I collected (along with friends) to help me pick on a friend of mine that plays a Ranger. Almost always. Now, Rangers are my favorite fighting class, as much as like fighting classes, but there are certain aspects of them (in at least the D&D and MMORPG sense) that make me ripe for picking. If you any jokes on them, or any other stereotypical class of Fantasy character, you can contact me in a number of ways to share it. At to attribution, I am not sure where these came from. My friends probably searched via Google. I would have just posted what came to mind. This was almost two years ago (as of this writing). If you are the one who wrote any of these, see above link about contacting me and send me the original location and I will attribute you and it.

What do you call a ranger who can only carry one weapon, has no special animal friends, and no magic powers? A class upgrade.

What sucks the most about being a one-armed ranger? No way in the world you can pet your special chipmunk friend and your special horse friend at the same time.

How can you tell a ranger tried to break into your house? Your cat is camping his corpse.

What do you call a Fighter with no arms and no legs? I don't know, but it's better than a Ranger.

Why do rangers like wearing green and brown? Green so they can find their corpse in the dirt and brown so they can find their corpse on the grass.

Whats the shortest Ranger joke ever? LFG.

What is the difference between a ranger and a corpse? Three rounds of combat

Most rewritten by W Doug Bolden to be more general or simpler, but except for a couple were overheard or read somewhere else

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