W. Doug Bolden

Things Overheard

The following will be a list of things I have overheard in various places. Most of these are posted here because I am sure I overheard it correctly but the phrases make so very little sense.

[Overheard in the Frech Quarter, New Orleans. Two men outside of a bar.] "Don't fucking talk to me about Canada!"

[Overheard in a Family Dollar, a male worker talking to a female worker. Almost identical to what a family member once said to me. Way too loud for anyone in the store to not have heard of it.] "They try and tell me I'm racist because I don't like no damned niggers."

[Overheard in the mall, going up the escalator. Two old men.] "The problem with congress is they are trying to act like legislature."

Written by W Doug Bolden

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