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(October 2012)

  1. 01 Oct 12, 03:18:11 PM -
    Hexaflexagons are the coolest thing *I've* seen today, how about you?
  2. 11 Oct 12, 10:25:31 PM -
    Day in the Life 12918, Those Things That I Do...or password changes, the work reset, yearly physicals, and...I don't know, stuff.
  3. 21 Oct 12, 03:20:43 PM -
    Solving the password issue...at least one way to do so...
  4. 30 Oct 12, 12:09:34 PM -
    Review: Absentia (2010 Indie Horror Film). Starring Katie Parker, Courtney Bell, and Dave Lavine. Directed and Written by Mike Flanagan.
  5. 31 Oct 12, 04:42:37 PM -
    My favorite Halloween webcomic special of the year: Wondermark's "Emmy and the Eggs"

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