Dickens of a Blog

(December 2012)

  1. 05 Dec 12, 12:15:16 AM -
    Youtube solutions and cat problems. Work things and family things. A pot-luck life.
  2. 16 Dec 12, 02:59:50 AM -
    Applying metafiction fun to Granada's Brett-starring "Sherlock Holmes: The Eligible Bachelor" and their insistence on prophetic dreams
  3. 18 Dec 12, 01:34:10 PM -
    Revitalizing my reading habit by calling it a year, early, and looking to the future
  4. 19 Dec 12, 04:09:21 PM -
    The hardest tweet I never did tweet, look at the new TARDIS interior, and the Internet comment that most filled me with rage, today
  5. 20 Dec 12, 04:17:57 PM -
    Ovaltine's "Drink us warm at night, wake up gay in the morning" is the sexiest ad I've seen all day...
  6. 25 Dec 12, 01:34:58 AM -
    Hello, World, I'm back...or, How I Spent the First Part of my Christmas Vacation (the visit South)
  7. 27 Dec 12, 02:02:27 PM -
    She's mixing up a couple of different timelines, but I'd let her reverse the polarity of my neutron flow ;)

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