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(July 2013)

  1. 05 Jul 13, 10:16:58 AM -
    Article on Dr. Charles Lundquist's and UAH's Agony and Ecstasy with restoring old NASA documents from outdated technologies
  2. 06 Jul 13, 03:08:23 PM -
    My [literal] first impression of the Miskatonic River Press's Thomas Ligotti tribute anthology: The Grimscribe's Puppets
  3. 10 Jul 13, 02:58:05 PM -
    Google tops itself as I search for Martian science fiction. I'm now vaguely scared of my own search history and what might have triggered it.
  4. 22 Jul 13, 10:17:01 PM -
    Review: The Bay (2012 Found Footage Horror Movie)

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