Dickens of a Blog

(May 2014)

  1. 04 May 14, 10:02:00 AM -
    A Cracker of a 1-Star Review
  2. 05 May 14, 07:26:10 PM -
    A bit of a creepy "real life" story that reflects a bit upon a creepy scene from Lovecraft's "The Temple"
  3. 06 May 14, 09:49:47 PM -
    I'm always a sucker for a good Beckett/Godot joke
  4. 08 May 14, 10:07:39 PM -
    After watching the Zapruder film a dozen times tonight...
  5. 11 May 14, 09:33:46 PM -
    Mourning a man I did not know...
  6. 12 May 14, 12:06:00 PM -
    Congrats to Laird Barron on his "Superior Achievement in a Fiction Collection" Bram Stoker 2013 award!
  7. 14 May 14, 11:10:50 PM -
    A weird glitch on my blog and my first attempt at Doug Talks Weird is to be made soon
  8. 21 May 14, 06:04:34 PM -
    If it were a painting, it would be called something like "Meditations on 21st Century Real Estate: Gray Study"

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