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(November 2014)

  1. 01 Nov 14, 02:12:46 PM -
    The Stars Are [Finally] Right: Sarah and Doug's 10th Anniversary Celebration, Explanation and Write-Up
  2. 02 Nov 14, 07:25:51 PM -
    The script, vows, and poem from The Stars Are Right
  3. 10 Nov 14, 09:31:47 PM -
    Mercy: a recent adaptation of Stephen King's mythos-sprinkled short story, Gramma
  4. 14 Nov 14, 09:42:51 AM -
    My vows-turned-poetry, Et Cetera, as piped through the Gizoogle engine...
  5. 20 Nov 14, 08:48:42 AM -
    An interesting writing prompt from the second paragraph of Robert E. Howard's "The Black Stone": the final tragic night of Alexis Ladeau

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