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(May 2015)

  1. 02 May 15, 10:47:11 AM -
    Some additional notes/commentary about Doug Talks Weird 2: Robert Aickman's The Trains, Aickmanesque, and Irrealism
  2. 04 May 15, 10:47:10 AM -
    Tartarus Press to release book chronicling early development of Robert Aickman's style, includes documentary, Robert Aickman: Author of Strange Tales
  3. 14 May 15, 08:52:59 AM -
    Doug Talks Weird Bonus Episode: Re-Reading Aickman. Additional notes and commentary, with some response to Jason Wilcox's "The Shadow Woman: A Re-reading of Robert Aickman's 'The Trains'".
  4. 31 May 15, 02:47:09 PM -
    Additional Notes and Commentary on Doug Talks Weird 3: Thomas Ligotti's "The Frolic" and "What's a Lovecraftian?"

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