A Quick Old-School Shooter

I have no idea when I installed Tenmado but I am glad that I did. It is described as being a "hardcore shoot 'em up game in a blue-or-red world" (a reference translated by American eyes into a political one, but maybe not intentionally). It is designed by Oohara Yuuma (2002) and resembles old school "you on the bottom shooting enemeis coming down and flying around" though graphically it tends to play with very simple graphics but turns the low level graphics into one of its best features: its distinct feel.

The basic objective is fairly well worn. You move back and forth, holding down the space bar (which shoots a constant stream of bullets) and try to kill before you get kill. It modifies the formula in two ways. One, your ship's only weakspot is a dot, which enables quick fingered people to do some major maneuvers. Second, your score goes up dramatically if you shoot enemies in a "color chain" (which means you shoot all the enemies of one color first). This is pretty much impossible unless you let some enemies go free and time your shots carefully.

There is not much more that can be said about it. Its difficulty is hard, and I tend to suck at this sort of game, but it is fun. It plays well, and sessions are short and relaxing. There is also a running sense of humor in the stage names. it will take no time at all to download it and get used to it. Highly recommended.

You can get it from its official site though it has not been updated in a bit.

Written by W Doug Bolden

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