Cabin Fever


I read a fan review that said this is a great movie that was killed by expectations. Not quite true. It is not a great movie. It is a "fun" movie, an effective horror movie. If anything killed it, its the fact that it is largely a horror movie made for horror fans and I think it may have gotten pitched to the wrong crowd (I heard it described in terms of a hot-teen-romp is why I put off watching it for as long as I did).

It was ultimately Hostel that brought me to it. I liked Hostel enough to try out Eli Roth's earlier outing.

I got a movie that was more than a little a shout out to Evil Dead, which is a plus, had some odd, definite comedy scenes (pretty much all of them involving the store was annoying, as was the deputy and the stoner (to me), but I have to admit that I chuckled during "pancakes" and really chuckled when I saw that they HAD made a sign, you'll see what I mean if you see the movie.) It has a good slow burn feel that makes your nerves get a little shot because you know something is going to happen. It has an interesting, and somewhat realistic reaction to the whole thing.

And it has Cerina Vincent. Nude. Twice. Wait, three times. And this woman is hot with her clothes ON!

You're damned straight.

Go and watch it, have I ever steered your wrong?

Written by W Doug Bolden

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