My two reasons for renting Creep backfired, being because it had Franke Potente in it (and apparently Vas "Rory Breaker" Blackwood, though I have to see another movie by him as soon as possible or I will probably end up hating him) and it was a British horror. I have seen little British horror: Alien and Dog Soldiers is probably it. I love the first one, and can take the second. The problem is, both Potente and British horror have been scarred by this movie.

I could go on and on about why this movie sucks, which it doesn't really and completely suck, it just sucks enough to make it not worth my time. It is mostly that it squandered so much potential. The bad guy becomes some sort of stapled together caricature. Sean Harris seems to be trying to play him off as the offspring of the Frankstein monster meets Powder, with a little phantom, but it all just washes up time and time again. This is a movie that gets severely hurt by showing off the bad guy. Franke Potente spends the first half of the movie being just socialite enough to be bothersome, but not socialite enough to get by. Blackwood seems to be playing some sort of Danny Glover character, maybe.

And the setting was truly wasted. The London underground is an expansive maze. They could have easily taken away the lighting a little, expanded upon the area traversed. Neverwhere still reigns supreme with capitalizing upon the idea of a entire network below the London streets.

Last, and not least, there was the problem of victims. Not a damned one was worth a thing, not really. I guess I felt bad about Jimmy (played by Paul Rattray) and Mandy (played by Kelly Scott). But that's it. I guess that's a spoiler, but screw it, I saved you some time.

I'll probably not hold this movie against British horror, but I will hold this against Potente. She could have added more, I am sure. And Blackwood, this is a mark against him, make no mistake.

My score: 30 (loses points for reasons above, gets some back for being creepy in the surgery scene, though not too many since the scene took too long).

Worthwhile Quotes

Jimmy: "Homeless people don't go missing, homeless people ARE missing."

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