Hostel is not a family friend. In fact, there has been no American movie made since the 1970's that has so aptly been set inside the Gore-Horror genre as Hostel. I have only watched the uncut edition, and have no idea what was added. I know that the end result was a very intense and truly disturbing movie. Which, for a horror movie, is a good thing. And it is a great thing for a Gore movie.

I will not mention characters nor actors in this movie. Generally, people were there as excuse for blood and I am sure, if it was plausible to work around this, there would have been nothing more than splatters of blood and random blowtorch assisted amputations.

If you want to see it, you had best be ok with blood, cuttings, power tool abuse, dangling eyeballs, screams, decapitations, misuse of archilles tendons, and breasts. I forgot to mention before that this movie likes breasts.

We have a gory movie with breasts and some light recreational drugs. Oh, and this movie also has a Chinese woman playing a Japanese character. Go protest.

And, if you like Gore, go enjoy.

Written by W Doug Bolden

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