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Resolutions, Goals, Ideas, and so forth. 2012 at the Onset. (1 Jan 2012) My key goals and resolutions for the year. Namely, read 150 books, avoid Fast Food, try a purely digital consumer habit, eschew credit, shop more local, and lose 10% of my body weight.

I'm spending the day off playing violent video games. Ah, 21st century life... (16 Jan 2012) I have the day off. Maybe if I had a yard, I would be cutting it. If I had a garden, I would be tending it. If I had a...something...I would be etc'ing it. I have a game, with explosions. I'm playing it. Wooo.

A Day in a Life #12,657: Fifty-two points in Agricola, finished with GTA (and videogames, for a bit), other doodads (23 Jan 2012). Today has been a relaxing Monday: sunny but not hot, game-filled but not aggravating. Think it is time to put the games down for a bit, though, and get back into more intellectual pursuits. First up, who knows...Bonus, I talk about Orgasm, Inc.


Sarah and I voted this morning. Who wants to guess how Alabama will turn out? (my guess is Santorum...) (13 Mar 2012). Sarah and I trudged out to the polls right about the time they opened this morning. Good times. Our new polling place. My guess for the state's elections (Republican ticket, anyhow), and so forth...

Tracking down Danny Elfman's "Wolf Suite, part 1" without knowing it, and fixing a broken Kindle book (shhhh, don't tell anyone) (25 Mar 2012). The song stuck in my head the most lately turns out to be Danny Elfman's Wolf Suite, part 1, from the Wolfman soundtrack. Who know? Also, fixing some annoying doubled-up paragraph breaks in White Noise.


The Worst "Meatloaf" Ever, Burning My Mouth So Bad It Depressed Me, and Brief Summations of Panoply (30 Apr 2012). Tonight, I had what might be the worst meatloaf in existence, which is on top of a severely burned tongue, but at least Panoply was ok.


The Locked Key Incident (with a bonus happy resolution!) and other recent tidbits (11 May 2012). Mistakes were made when a key to get into a car were inside a car, and said car also had keys to an apartment, a mailbox, and other sundries. At least most of the rest of the week has been fairly decent.


A day in the life, 12827: tired while a long stretch approaches, bit of a ghost story kick, and I'm sure other exciting things (12 Jul 2012). I am very sleepy, so let's go for some exciting news. Unfortunately, there isn't much. I'll take you through my last/next couple of days.

Day in the Life 12832: or, Meant to Read but Slept Instead, Dietary Change, Fiasco, RPGS, and other Customer Interactions (Jul 17 2012). Yesterday was going to be a reading day, but became a day of sleeping. Sort of. Sarah and I have been working through a bit of dietary change, again, and RPGs dominate the rest, with bonus goodnesses as I see fit (GURPS Horror and Fiasco get brought up).


Day in the Life 12881: Space City, Unexpected but brief trips, Sad but important conversations with my mom (4 Sep 2012). We set out to get a lasagna pan and to see the remains of Space city, we ended up going to Chattanooga for supper. Then, in a conversation with my mom, it was all put into perspective.

Day in the life 12893: echo "Hello, World" (16 Sep 2012). Howdy.

Five things I can say I am about happy about right now, or at least excited about a generally good way... (24 Sep 2012). I had a plan for writing a quick post about five things that are making me happy right now...and then I forgot most of that post. Anyhow, here's the new and improved (not really improved, per se) version of the post, with five things that may or may not have been intended on the first one.

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