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We have had Cinderella since about the time that we moved into Fontainbleu. She was found at kind of an early age, and is believed to have a birthday about the same as Sarah's (Feb 24). Her name came from the fact that when she was younger, she tended to look like a white cat who had stuck her face and paws in ashes, though she is now largely shifted over to a dark color. She was a stray who had been thrown out by her previous owner. We actually met, through strange coincidence, the original owner's girlfriend, who felt the need to tell us that she had tossed a cat at there when we told her where we lived for a survey.

All strangeness aside, she is a Siamese mix, short and definitely overweight. She is very loving and cute to Sarah and myself, but tends to be standoffish to just about anyone else. She loves cardboard boxes, above and beyond the call of duty.

Earliest Photo(s) We Have of Her (2003)

These should be about one to two months in.

Photo Taken of her Circa 2005

General Photos of Cinderella


Written by W Doug Bolden. Photography taken by W. Doug Bolden, Sarah Bolden, and others.

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