Misc Photos of Doug


Not considering myself photogenic, I often use "trick" photos for my profile pics and the like. A good number of these pics fit into that category. These are profile pics, web avatars, experiments in goofiness, and various. I have posted these in chronological order.

The picture below with the "four pictures" are four pictures of me from different times stuck together to show how, over the past five years or so, my haircut and beard have stayed about the same. The two drawings are by the old Gaming Guardians artist WebTroll and were avatars of a sort of me. The bear represents me in a "furry verse" (though I really don't do anything on any furry message boards or whatnot, I just thought it would be fun to have one). The dragon is my Dreamwyrm character from the GG world.

For those curious why there is one of me snapping the back of head in a mirror, that was my making fun of the tendency of Myspace profile pics being at odd angles, blurred out, and whatnot with the camera flash pretty obvious in the reflection.

The rest are hopefully as self-explanatory as they can be.

For those wanting more "actual" pictures of me, try General Photos of Doug.

Doug wearing a gnome Halloween Mask

Dreamwyrm 'logo'

Doug as a Bear Furry

Doug as a South Park character

Doug hold Cindy and looking crazed

Four Quarters of Doug's face cut from different photographs

Doug from the back using a mirror

Doug's shadow on the ground at Fontainbleu Apartments


Written by W Doug Bolden. Photography taken by W. Doug Bolden, Sarah Bolden, and others.

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