Goodbye Sarah Photos


It was assumed, during the summer or 2007, that Sarah and I would be moving down to B'ham over about a year-long period. These four photos were taken by a homemade photobooth. There were a lot taken over that night, but I think these mix together some of the feelings of togetherness and sadness as well as friendship.

Me and Raymond in the Photobooth

Heh, this one is just gratuitous. The night was overall a good time, mind you, and this one captures that...

Me and my friends in the photoboth

...but this one captures it just that one step better in my opinion. One of my favorite pictures ever taken with me in it.

Sarah and Alicia in the photobooth

Alicia was never quite sure what to do in the photobooth, and neither was Sarah. Perfect shot to capture that.

Enough said. I would have missed everyone had it came to pass.


Written by W Doug Bolden. Photography taken by photobooth.

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Doug Bolden, Goodbye Sarah Photos