Group Photos I


This is a collection of various group photos. These are a wide range of people, most of which (though) do involve either I or Sarah, from a wide range of places and events.

The Fab Five

This is one of the few group photos of friends that I hung around during my community college days. The guy on the right, there, lack of beard and all, is me. The others, in order, from right to left are: Don Jones, Lance Blackburn, Jason Tindol, and Latoric Lakeith Grant. The next three photos are pictures with me and Jason, Latoric and Lance, respectively. And yes, the one with Lance is faked.

Doug and jason wearing masks

Sarah and Becca at panoply, I think

Doug and Raymond playing with a folding chair in the homemade photobooth

The Petpeeves

This is our group photo (group name was the Petpeeves, based on my Pet Peeve joke which happened right before we signed up) from the 2008 Scaleback Alabama. None of us got the 10 pound goal, but all of us got to explore our exercise habits and dieting habits and find out what was working for us and what was not.

David's Birthday Party. April 18, 2008.


Written by W Doug Bolden. Photography taken by W. Doug Bolden, Sarah Bolden, and others.

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