Sarah Photos, part 2


I have a fair amount of pictures of Sarah. This set is of pictures where she is the main focus and the pictures have a tendency to be about her beauty. This is a tricky thing for a husband to pick out, as one can imagine. I think these are the absolute best at showing off how pretty she is, how sexy she is, and how beautiful her smile is. These pictures are somewhat in chronological order.

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One of the few pictures I have of her pre-tattoo. In fact, this picture would have been taken specifically as part of a set to have a shot of her back before the tatoo was applied. Notice how young she looks. She would have been around 19 or 20 at the time this picture was shot.

This picture, then, is one right after she got her tattoo. This is probably the first picture we took of it.

These next four are from the same night. The whole point was to get a few photos of Sarah that focused on her attractiveness, but could make interesting profile pics and the like. They were all shot with 35mm color film and I edited them afterward with the GIMP. The last one of these four is probably my favorite of all the pics I have taken of her.

These are of her wearing formal dresses and the like.

These are of her wearing more revealing clothes, but still rated PG. Bikinis, corsets, and so on.


Written by W Doug Bolden. Photography taken by W. Doug Bolden, Sarah Bolden, and others.

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Doug Bolden, Sarah Photos, part 2