Photos of the Wife and I


For some reason, we don't have many photos of Sarah and myself in the same shot at the same time unless something else (like a hiking trip) is involved. The logical answer is the fact that one of us is usually taking the picture. What few I do have, though, will show up here.

Doug holding Maddog in front of Sarah

Taken with all the purpose of one of those "last photos" from horror movies, Sarah and I are about to split a bottle of Maddog (MD 20/20). Note her shorter haircut, here. This would be after she had dyed it several times and shortened it to just the roots.

Doug and Sarah standing in a parkinglot together as sun sets

Taken at David's Birthday Party, April 18, 2008.

Taken at Becca's Birthday Tea Party by Katie with Mandi's Camera

Included here just because it is sooooo cute.

Early Pictures as Couple

These are sort of a recent find. These were taken by our good friend and ex-roommate Jimmy. The feature us about 2003, probably around Halloween of the year (notice the Christmas lights, which we set up for the Halloween party (shush), and the pumpkin). This means that this is a photo of us from around a couple months after we started dating. In these photos, Sarah's hair is green, but fairly washed out.

Doug and Sarah in their apartment

Doug and Sarah in their apartment

Doug and Sarah in their apartment

Doug and Sarah in their apartment


Written by W Doug Bolden. Photography taken by W. Doug Bolden, Sarah Bolden, and others.

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Doug Bolden, Photos of the Wife AND I