Photos of The University of Alabama in Huntsville


April 16, 2008. Twilight.

None of these are great photos. Sarah's digital camera unfortunately overcompensates for low lighting in weird and unpredictable ways. I had to delete about 2/3s of the photos from this set, but was albe to recover a couple that work well enough, I suppose.

MSB standing out in the dark

Circle sort of blurred out and resharpened for strange color effect

Benches (and sand?) behind Morton Hall

Glass walkway over near the UC

June 17, 2008. Afternoon.

Older Black and White Photo(s)

Found a copy of the below photo on my computer long after I thought it was gone. Maybe more b&w photos of UAH floating around that I am going to try and track down.

This is the study desks in the Material Science Building. While effecient on space and privacy, they make an unfortunate view from overhead:

Study desks in Swastika formation


Written by W Doug Bolden. Photography taken by W. Doug Bolden, Sarah Bolden, and others.

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