"Chalk Somewhere"

A few years ago, one of the most powerful connections between the transitive nature of things and the seeming vitality at present was to think of things in terms of chalk drawings that were bright and vital but would fade away. There was also an ironic mocking going on, in that chalk is a product of elementary school, but I used to describe college activities, even those activities like (in retrospect) thinking that you are falling love.

Lines crisscoss the moments laid bare, Bright red and yellow :subtle sign colors of DANGER and CAUTION. If we were to heed them, We would not be what we are... A simple equation written real hard Etched in chalk Somewhere. This is the magic moment. This is the real. This is the everything that is Anything; Our lips stand posed. We wait. We breathe each others breath. What secrets whisper In the casual moments Before we taste? Grey and brown decorate The hidden view. Celebrate the hidden truth With sparkles half glimpsed awake. The underneath, It sleeps real good Deep inside our hearts. This equation is etched real hard; Written in chalk Somewhere.

This poem written by W. Doug Bolden.

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"The hidden is greater than the seen."