"Eyes of Rain"

The original intention was to use purely positive and neutral words to write a poem about sadness, but it did not quite work. It, instead, is something of a quiet visual poem whose impact depends on how you take lines like "and twilight came.."

15 minutes she smiled, a small girl with all sorts of rain In her eyes, a bright blue grey sigh; And as she spun around, seemed complete In a way that escapes stage left, Drained and mist soaked, through and through... A kiss of dew. 15 minutes she smiled, a laughing thing and then A sideways shout, and her time here was gone, Ran home. Back to dinner and A more or less happy life to come. Her mommy's waiting arms. 15 minutes she smiled, the next girl along, All quiet she counted the flower petals Away, hoping for some odd answer; Coming out even, She looked up, and the twilight came. Two little girls, with eyes of rain.

This poem written by W. Doug Bolden.

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