"Five Odd Years"

This is another poem that I found in my great "Digging For Gems in My Other Blog". I know precisely who this poem is about, and probably if you know me, you have an inkling as well. If not, it is not important. The sort of issue it deals with is universal. At least universal to me.

Some five-odd years And a something awhile Later and she is the perfect Example of what Not to do Ordinarily, speaking. I hold my tongue, and smile. Text on a computer screen And there is nothing Quite like distance between us And that Then Sitting there all uppity. She was my hallway Happenstance, that bit of Causal dream. For two-odd years And a something awhile I grieved, Even in those Whens Where she was holding me. Child, please, I was such a stupid thing. Sometime later, And she is the perfect Little girl To be An example of what went wrong. I hold my tongue, I hold my breath. I am awake for minutes, yet. I smile, And the time comes all down, Laughing at me. Goodbye, And thank you, For being perfectly-odd, So conveniently.

This poem written by W. Doug Bolden.

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