"If I Were Lying"

The concept began as personal lies contrasted to social lies, but it quickly diverged. There is the implied social lie of the future is a better place, with the poem's answer being that the future, at best, will be the same. For those not noticing, there is an underlying Apocalyptic imagery I am aiming for, where one man's world pretty much just involves him, now.

I could tell you That when I was a child I would dip my toes into The quite blue of my Family lagoon, With white rocks and Aquamarine And would watch sunsets Paint the tips of waves Red and shallow. And you would not know If I were lying, Which I would be, Unless you were me. The televion in the other Room has ceased its Incessant eletronic Parrot Squawking. That quiet gray Of dead screens, Shimmering for a Carpet who does not care To be an audience. A smile, passing. The air's temperature Slowly amplifies. I hold my hands Upon my ears, And sigh. Outside the window, an Early afternoon, With hazy skies. And an airplane somewhere Above.

This poem written by W. Doug Bolden.

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