"Like Now, a Bit of Free Verse"

Just some rambling free verse to clear my brain one afternoon.The title, and first line, are both a bit of "valley girl speak" and a simile between the present and rambling free verse.

like now...a bit of free verse life came out its ivory and taupe post-modern redesigned fresco egg a question, with that bit of tattletell upvoice at the skinny end like the leaping up and out chance and off life goes being glass panes with no cracks and we be the what sees the white of the ceiling and rough, we all caught that as a child...that landscape with shadows martian moonscape from flickering lights and yellow distant sun from out the hole in the the blue of the ever rotating sky... upon our backs and looking up... everything seems above us. finish this is a need todo, offwhite glare from simple digitized list sparking out the eyes that I see seeing me it seems, confusing in its best of things. need to reiterate...recursively exist like a quaint play on words (acronym collisions ringing open neat yesterday memories)...begin again... I need to be simply divine and who but I should find, looking longfaced and melancholy at the flicker-flack tv screen that it is like a pair of magical shoes that leather style do not fit and you must rework rebreak restyle refit back unto your feet and model this beat your life and rhyme that this is quite possibly it and I love, just bittersweet, 'cause none of this is complete, just little puddles built up in dunes on the edge of my mind until the rain has ceased, and who has the time for that? I love and I speak it clear though a bit too clear for it to have a place in the drainage of this poetry into the face of down past marble into some classical era of the distant, unforgettable, future. "I love you" and "I think you dropped this" and "Well this might just be" and "Who knew?" and whatever else...down through and out again... all assymetrical, like all words, mostly out than in, mostly old than new... barely fitting on the screen. tiny little moments, silence, and most hopefully...and this cannot end where it began and any will suffice for now...and well... off into everything.

This poem written by W. Doug Bolden.

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