"Myth of Sun Tea"

I actually have nothing against the veracity of sun tea as a concept, it is just the sort of implications that always swim along side it. Sun tea is something that adults help kids to make, and it seems almost miraculous. Through the energy of the sun, the water becomes tea! Actually, you could stick tea bags into a jar of water nad put them into a cellar and get a similar effect. In same ways, though, things like sun tea make up the ideas of my childhood, where miracles were always under these tiny little trap doors.

Oh, and when you get to the part about the starlight, how cool is that?

Have you ever heard the myth of sun tea? The gentle warmth of hazy Grey blue mornings, summerlike In their intensity? The waywardness of childhood, Toys and dreams and carefully planned Weddings underneath The grass where the dew grows And blooms and manifests The shape of love and wonderful things? Have you ever seen the taste of sweet? Taken a deep breath of it While the sleeping grey sky Turns deep blue And shines with star light Meeting, At last, The end of its long journey? A million million miles Just to be drunk by the eyes? Have you ever heard the myth of the sea? With its white sand And careful waves and its washing away And its high tides? The way it laughs? The way, grey and blue in the New dawn light, It surges forth And then its momentum dies, Casually?

This poem written by W. Doug Bolden.

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