"Pomegranate Lips"

This is a poem bringing to mind the Greek myth of the seduction/abuction of Persephone by Hades. It is also a good way for me to combine a "Song of Solomon" level of beauty of sexuality into a poem that also feels like it is about something greater even still. I try and mix my love of water as an allegory about change and time here, as well. Oh, and I make up a word.

Persephone, It's been the slow settling of Eight hours since midnight and I still taste A hint of your pomegranate lips, The tangy bite of their sweet, the rose petal caress of their grenadine, their sculpted sigh brought forth From glass, the clay Upon them as they melt into smiles and thoughtful knowing Glances, Scattered across the shores of Lethe. I still taste your Pomegranate lips. I still taste The fog of your eyes, colorful and quiet, The sand of your hair, The smell of salt in your curves, the heat in your hint Of deeper things, The whisper of your pouring against my gentle walks, cool and miles long. I still taste your pomegranate lips, Keep them tucked away, in my Breast pocket, next to my monochronomatic locket, beating off timed tock-ticks with a hint of nervous Anxiety. I still taste your pomegranate forget, Against my lips of onyx and amethyst, And the whisper of dawn already come and gone.

This poem written by W. Doug Bolden.

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