"Queen of Burgundy"

Besides a somewhat joking tone, the main purpose of this poem is to experiment in something I am calling meta-contextual irony. The poem is written to seem like it is saying something more than what it is saying, though it is generally vapid. But, since it plays closely to things that we consider assigned symbols, we will try and to place a greater degree of meaning on the poem than we should.

The Queen of Burgundy said "Screw it!" And she slept with a Red. Sparkles and shimmers, all night in her bed. The morning came hazy and blue, a portent declared: "Here comes war, ain't nobody spared!" The Reds made posters: "The Queen is a Slut!" Their president and prime minister, supped Prematurely Victorious Upon jelly and tortes. The King screamed bloody murder And all the Maroons got deported. The second day brought armies, All bandied in gold. Silvered swords flashed, thouroughly cold. Maroons with the Red, bound By honor's code To take old Burgundy's crown. The Queen she cried, days and days, Cried out for hours and seconds. Her face a torment, and quite displeasant. The King talked none to his wayward wife, Whose overzealous desires had cut that Kingdom like a knife. "If he had just," she said one day, "Told me that it would end up this way. I am sure I could have kept it more discrete." Poor, poor Burgundy, They have an idiot Queen. The King was killed, fifteen days in. A stab to heart by an accidental pen. The headlines screamed "King felled by a sword!" But we all know that adage, So not another word. Without that warrior King, The Burgundies acquiesed. They gave up the throne, And the kingdome was blessed. It become democracy, as pretty as you seen. A great parlimentary, All proud of their Queen. As for the Queen, well she married that Red. Turns out that he was Much calmer in the head. Of course that might come to an end, All too soon. Turns out the Queen, Is sleeping with a Maroon.

This poem written by W. Doug Bolden.

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