Written at work one night, this poem is a short mood piece about being faced with a future that is largely set in place by society and genetics and tradition before you even get to play with it. It is not necessarily a complaint, the wording (besides the "struck" and "stuck") is neutral, but I find most people that read it consider it a depressing one. The name of "unQuiet, cautious" was a meme I thought of to describe myself, though my mental image of the "uc" is my brother, Daniel.

"unQuiet, cautious" they named him and struck him in the head with life. "Arise, blind and reborn, and be." Great worlds they showed him. Great rivers filled with mud and the ghosts of trees. Great openings, awnings, momentums (Large, glass, windows). "Go, unQuiet, cautious, and listen to the harmony," they chirped and stuck him with a wife. White picket fences, Yellow window frames (pale green facade) 10 big acres. The hint of rain on the air. Big state fair 3 days coming. 2 healthy children. And 4 trees to shade their graves. Quiet, vivid, and small.

Written by Doug Bolden summer of 2005, posted on May 5, 2006.

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