This is a poem meant to juxtapose a childlike wonder over the sun, understanding things through self-realization, and to dealing with emotional issues. This is the second version of the poem, slightly shorter and a little bit more disjointed, than the first, that I might go ahead an post here some day. This poem was once used in a multimedia project, about 5 years ago, but I have had no luck looking into it. Not yet.

They tell me the sun is a fiery ocean, a current of heat...miles wide. They tell me it will rise and it will set every day that I happen to be alive and even quite a few I happen not to be. And I can understand salt taste waves. And I can understand yellow green flame. And I can believe it. They tell me sunspots are white hot. They tell me of no shadows, nor cold, but attraction and active atomic rerrangement. And I can understand love coming in waves. And I can understand forgetting just to breathe. And I can believe it. They tell me the sun is larger than my thumb and brighter than the sky. They tell me it is lonely, mediocre, normal, middle aged and no longer a god on his chariot. And I can understand wasted waves. And I can understand lost pieces of all our lives. And I can believe it. Hours and hours, spinning away. Goodnight, Sun, have a pleasant day. And when your great sea waves crash into some darknening shore as your own Sol finally sets, I pray that the fog (which comes to whatever beach where your children sit upon) comes riding the sweetest breeze, yet...

This poem written by W. Doug Bolden.

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