"This Morning, The Sun Set so Brightly"

In a lot of ways, this is a gimmick poem, but one that tries to be expressive none the less. In it, night and day are reversed. The terms used are the terms associated with daylight hours. The description matches the night. To me, it is about young passionate love. The image I had in mind was a pair of lovers spending the whole night together on a long date. Alone together. When my wife and I first fell in love, there was a lot of this. We would often spend many hours out in the dark walking around and talking while we were more reserved during the day.

This morning, the sun set so brightly. It was pinkish red and crayon cloudy blue. We stood on the beach and laughed funny faces. The sun went away, and down fell the dew. By noon, the stars filled all the sky. Orion sat there, a hunter king on his throne. The wintery feel of late autumn shimmered Like ice crystals already half grown. We held hands come late afternoon, watched the dusky sunlight enter the sky. "I would find twilight beautiful," you said "If only it was not so bright." We walk-ran home through the night, Our shadows stretched far behind. A kiss on our hearts, and whispered lips. Our eyes overflowing with sighs.

This poem written by W. Doug Bolden.

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