"When, Into the Shadow of the Splash"

This poem criss-crosses into two previous poems: When, In the Acre of Leaves and Pomegranate Lips. Again, it details the notion of love gained and lost, and tries to capture the constantly flowing aspect of it.

Into the shadow of the splash of remnant pools We dropped our halogen bright eyes, To sink there and swim there and lay there In the murk and the cloudy light, Understanding all the way to the bottom Of the passing whiles of summer days. We rested our foreheads into our arms, Bent over, doubled with laughter and jovial Mean spirits. We hugged suspiciously close, We claimed the skin of each other. We dived into the moon on a starlit Night, lost ourselves to the scratch of briars And the warm heartbeat inside of Each other's hand. Held quietly, like lovers do. We buried spoons and diaries, Time capsules of old spices like Thyme and sagely dirty jokes and rosaries (Rosily Mary did hollow names thighs between), A taste of garlic and limestone, of clove smoke On our chalky breath, so filled with the fullness Of Cygnus in the sky, on the full breadth of wings To meet fair Leda and take her there, fully raptured There, ruthless there, passionate. A starry asterism out the corner of our yes. We were the first loved, the first ruined, the first Tasted. We gave our hearts, the dawn upon us and the Dusk down into our excitable souls. We lost one another, lost as we are, In the maze Of leaves and thorny blackberry vines, Sweet and spiteful to the last Longing look. Into the shadow of the splash of rain, Of muddy pools, of streams, of sweat and tears, And of rivers, of the flow and ebb of trees, The great sing song ways of days falling by, And of the great liquid surge of shouts And follows, Of being seventeen and dumb, unbelievably dumb, And unbelievably ancient, So very nineteen for months and turgid springs Without end, So very young, We dropped our halcyon eyes, sleepless calm and Peaceful, flying up, To breathe the smoke of the kingfisher's cry.

This poem written by W. Doug Bolden.

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