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Ah. Insanity. As of, say, January 2008, I have taken a vow of not responding to any Message Board, public Forum, etc excepting Usenet groups, because there are some extremely intelligent discussions there, unlike you're standard message board or IRC channel, and because even the idiots and assholes there tend to be smart and considerate about it. Relatively. At least in a way that makes me laugh.

With that in mind, I still come across message board discussions from time to time that I want to respond with some answer or another. So, this page is my way of doing that. In order to not be forced to copy-and-paraphrase inane babblings by mouth-breathing basement dwellings, only my answers will appear below after a brief summary of what the topic was on.

Warning of a sort: invective language is sure to follow. This whole thing should be taken tongue-in-cheek, if it is taken at all.This is my chance to be just as dumb as them, though more clever with it (hopefully).

on Why a Gay Couple Can Be Legally Divorced in a State Where Gay Marriage is (Legally) Unallowed...

It's called the Constitution, you homophobic retard. Why the Consitution of the United States of America (as well as the Declaration of Independence) is not required reading in school is beyond me. Stop, for the love of whatever God you want to blame for your hatred of others, posting this on a regular basis thinking we should care. If you honestly have no concept of Faith-and-Full-Credit, then I assume it's because going to any other state would be pretty hard on you. It would force you to leave your daughters you have chained up in the basement for quick, pantyless access. They might starve to death without daddy's little attentions. You sick bastard.

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