Various Campaign Ideas for Ghostlight

1. The Coming of Deluge

The campaign takes place in a city near a body of water. In the World, there is a constant downpouring of rain for several days, and many people become afraid of flash floods wiping out the area. In the Id, Ghosts start finding puddles of water building up in various buildings and dripping into their Egos. Some Ghosts have premonitions of a flood coming. The legend of Deluge begins to become prominent. The body of water begins to rise even more rapidly in the Id than it does in the World. Deluge may come at any day, and once it does, it will wipe the city from the Id. The emotional backlash will be a step towards the end in the World, and many will die from the disease and panic that follows. Ghosts must either flee the city or stay and try and help loved ones.

2. The Riverside Bed and Breakfast

The PC Ghosts were killed in a fire that wiped out the west wing of the Riverside Bed and Breakfast, a quaint little country place that has fond memories for all of them. Now, in the afterlife, they are in the Id of the building, and are bound to it. If they are gone for long, they feel their energy ebbing. The building and its two remaining wings are bought out, in the World, and are going to be demolished. The Ghosts must either let the building, and their existence, go or they must somehow keep the building alive.

Note, this campaign suggests that Ghosts cannot leave too far from the place of their death. This optional rule can also be used in other campaigns.

3. The Knife

PC Ghosts have all been killed by a serial killer known as the Knife (he leaves knives behind at every scene). All had their throats cut (and their Ghostly appearance shows it) and none of them actually saw what the killer looked like (optionally: one of them did, but is related to to the killer and is refusing to come forward). Now, they are driven to find the killer and stop him from claiming more victims. However, they soon realize the killer has a spectre, a faceless monstrosity with blades sticking out of it, who is hunting them down. They brought it into being wih the idea that they were victims, and this is all that it knows.

4. The Campus Suicides

PC Ghosts all committed suicide on a given college campus. Now they are bound to it (same basic rule of being bound to the place of death as given in scenario #2 above) and spend their time interacting with the students there. Some Ghosts might be trying to help others, some might be jealous and trying to harm others, and some might just be curious about life going on.

5. The Cult

Ghosts were members of a cult who wiped itself out through a mass suicide. In the Id, they find they were lied to by the cult leader (was was killed days later by policemen in a raid). The leader is somewhere in the Id, and the others are hunting him down. Can be a good campaign to focus on the nature of beliefs.

6. The Voyage

Ghosts were all killed overseas or while traveling by boat. Now they are currently bound to a ship making its way across the ocean. This campaign could focus especially on role-playing, with the Ghosts in something of isolation, or could be centered around the Ghosts trying to keep the ship afloat despite some catastrophe.

Written by W Doug Bolden

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