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Seeing how it was during my reviewing of Revolution Tea's Organic White Chai that I figured I would try mixing cranberry juice into the blend, and this lead me to write my article on juice as a sweetener when it comes to tea; it is kind of interesting that Revolution Tea now releases a series of ready-to-drink tea beverages which uses fruit juice in the blend. I am glad to see it, because this is the sort of thing that makes sense. It is a natural sweetener that goes well with tea's flavor and you get added benefits of fruit juice on top of the benefits of tea. Of course, the caveat is that many tea beverage varities will use fruit juice as a ploy to hide bad tea under stringent flavor, so you have to be careful to get a variety worth drinking.

Besides tea, which is identified as "white tea" only, and fruit juices (about 2%), you get a dose of b-vitamins. About 30% of "daily values" per can. Making this drink borderline the energy drink category. It is additionally sweetened with pure cane sugar, with the total calorie count coming out to be about 90 calories for a 12 oz can. I did not get an energy boost or anything, but it was a pleasant drink. I can't say anything at all about it's "energy" aspect, besides to say that most energy drink fans will probably find it tame. However, according to the material that came with it, the goal is to make an "all-day" drink and it succeeds with this. I could picture drinking this off an on all day, with no particular time of day not working with it.

The flavor depends very much so on the fruit juice being used. Despite only being 2% fruit juice, the white tea is overwhelmed by the flavor, but not necessarily in a bad way. This is more for tea-curious people than tea-drinkers, or for people who want some anti-oxidants but tend to like sweeter flavors overall. Of the four flavors, the mango variety is the best. It gets a Good from me, only docked because there is not enough tea flavor. It really is tasty, and the overall combination works well, it's just not tea. Both the pomegranate and the blueberry are quite good, but get a final score of Eh due to the same weakness. The green apple, however, is my least favorite, tending a little bit to the Jolly Rancher side of the equation. I'll give it a Meh, but people into sour flavors (which I normally am) might enjoy the tartness.

More information is to be had at's product page. They are $7.95 per 4-pack, which makes them a tad bit pricey, but not massively so over similar products.

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