Tea Recipes

Alabama Breakfast

This is a tea recipe good for mornings. It has a light, roast flavor that might be of some interest for coffee drinkers looking for a milder drink, but still manages to be tasty on its own. It tastes a lot like Twinings/Stash/etc English Breakfast varieties, but the flavor tends to be more balanced and its missing some astringent quality that makes the EBs require milk to get a proper effect. Also can drink this with milk, and it is pretty good. The freshness/fuller cut of the leaves may be what stops it from having the light bite of the other version.

In both cases, I am using the leaves I bought from the Kaffee Klatsch in Huntsville (hence the name).

Assam Grape

This is a good tea-juice punch.

The final falvor is something like a merlot, but not quite. Excellent anti-oxidant combination, by the way.

The Colin Hay

In "Beautiful World", Colin Hay talks about "Irish tea with a little Lapsang Souchong".

Actually, this works well. My recipe goes something like this:

It will have a strong, smokey flavor but the full palate flavor of Lapsang, which most people dislike, will be underwritten just slightly by the nutty background of the Ceylon that sits in the back and will be altered by the front palate flavor of the Assam.

This might be an excellent morning tea (note that the recipe makes 2-3 cups) for someone who is trying to cut down coffee but needs a little extra bite in their flavor.

The Good Green Morning

Designed for both flavor and health, this blend mixes together the benefits of oolong and green. Makes an excellent eye-opener without too strong a taste, and the nuttiness of the Maofeng mixes with the rounded Pouchong. The best bit is, both of these blends are fairly resistant to oversteeping. You can leave them in the pot for several extra minutes to get even more antioxidants without having to worry about it being too bitter.

The recipe below makes four cups:

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