UAHuntsville Browser Search Plugins

Below are a set of plugins that can be installed into your browser to facilitate more convenient searching. They are based on the OpenSearch format and should be compatible with recent versions of Firefox (> 2.0), Internet Explorer (> 7), and Chrome.

Ebscohost Discovery Service: UAHuntsville OneSearch

Click this link to install EDS OneSearch

A note on the proxy. This link includes the link through our proxy server. If you are not on UAHuntsville's campus or able to log in through our proxy server [use the default Charger ID and password, the combination that would have been your default email or Angel sign-in], then it will not work for you.

Usage Note: This will default to a search for everything that EDS offers. While this makes it quite powerful, you might find yourself wanting to click the "full-text" and "scholarly" limiters on your left after you complete the search. This will help to guarantee you get academic, peer-reviewed materials that are fully available online. If you choose, instead "Available in Library Collection", then you will get some articles that are available in print but maybe not online.

UAHuntsville Salmon Library Online Catalog

Click this link to install the UAHuntsville library catalog search

This link does not pass through a proxy-sever, so can be used by anybody. However, if you are not affliated with the campus, you might want to note two other links. First, you can also search our collection through and, via that link, find other libraries that carry that book to which you might have more direct access. Also, see User Services policies on checking out books, fines, etc.

Further Questions, Comments, Requests?

You can contact me, Doug Bolden, at or through our Ask Anything system.

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