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Huntsville History

"No Digs for Satan" (31 Aug 2009). While I'm mostly talking about where I got the phrase from, there is some discussion of indie publications in Huntsville towards the bottom or such. Look at comments if nothing else.

WHNT DOES have a report about the "Struttin'" video (21 Jul 2010). WHNT reports on the "Struttin' that Ass" meme that went around for a bit, and where it came from.

19th century painting of Monte Sano home found in Tuscaloosa, a little oil paint glimpse into Huntsville, AL's proto-history... (4 Apr 2011). A painting of a man riding a horse past a house provides a 19th century glimpse into the Monte Sano community long before Huntsville as we know it was formed.

University of Alabama in Huntsville

Why did HuffPo pick such a bad/weird photo of UAH? Presumption of taking the piss activated! (18 May 2011). HuffPo released it's 13 Colleges Still Accepting Applications article, which is strange. Except it's not so much an article as a weird slide show. Evidence? See UAH's photo.

AL.com's and Huntsville Times bring a "Breaking News" non-story to end non-stories (16 Jan 2012) Was it vandalism? NO! How to turn a non-thing into a breaking news story in four paragraphs.

Some more details from the "starved child reaching for a heart" images at UAH (27 Jun 2012). Spotted some interesting graffiti at UAH last week and posted a single photo from it. Here are some more photos showing it in context.

Hey, the library I work at had a small part (as another library) in an indie [horror?] movie set in Alabama and dealing with weird investigations (31 May 2013). 'A Genesis Found', an indie movie set in Alabama, uses Salmon Library in a few of its scenes.

Huntsville Stores and Eateries




Local Artists, Festivals, Dance Troupes, and Bands


YURI OZAKI (website):

Huntsville Area Events

Some highlight photos from the Toys for Tots Bellydance Charity Event...and the Seinfeld Moment (23 Nov 2011). On November 18, 2011, Lumani and Lunatic Fringe put hosted a show at the Decatur Country Club to raise money for Toys for Tots. Mostly my picture taking sucks but here are a few fun ones.

Huntsville At Large (locales, people, so forth)

A couple of days of people watching, playing Munchkin with "new" peeps, new tea mug, and corned-beef brisket (17 Jul 2010). Featuring: Bridge Street, Vintage Wines and Cigars, Kaffeeklatsch, Sam & Greg's, and Big Spring Park.

Sarah and I voted this morning. Who wants to guess how Alabama will turn out? (my guess is Santorum...) (13 Mar 2012). Sarah and I trudged out to the polls right about the time they opened this morning. Good times. Our new polling place. My guess for the state's elections (Republican ticket, anyhow), and so forth...

ossible Huntsville Cryptid? Screw it, let's get this ball rolling... (10 June 2014). A Craiglist posting describes, r/nosleep style, a strange encounter. Whether it's a joke or a sign of the Gates of Hell being thrust open, I say we should keep the ball rolling.

Huntsville Issues

From the Huntsville Times: "Ask Us: Questions about bikes vs. cars" (23 Jun 2010).

Help me to understand something: what are the arguments towards not banning texting while driving? (24 Jun 2010).

Buying phones, the closing of more stores, TV and popcorn and beer, and...um..I guess that's it (7 Sep 2010). Talks about, amongst other things, stores closing down at Madison Square Mall.

Blackouts not due to grid stress..." says Huntsville Utilities, "but A/C load is going to be the key". Conservations and Frustrations. (12 May 2011). After a week (give or take) without power in Madison County, a return (howeveve brief) to such a state caused some to get a bit nervous. While most of us Madisonians are aware of the need to conserve until the power is stabilized, there isn't a whole lot of definite answers. And, well, some stores don't give a damn which makes it all the more frustrating.

The Ever Evolving Walgreens Beggar. Or, is there some sort of meeting where they plan these things out... (5 Sep 2012). The beggars still haunt the Walgreens parking lot. Yet, strangely, they change their tactics in patterns. Does this mean they are a group working together? Or is this some sort of weird meme thing?

As Huntsville and the Tennessee Valley continues to lose its collective mind: Man shoots motorcyclist because he felt like shooting someone (11 Sep 2012). The crime rate around here seems to be on the up, at least reported as such, but it's not much the quantity as the quality nowadays.

Is Huntsville Pedestrian Friendly? No. (6 Feb 2013). AL.com asks is Huntsville pedestrian friendly (and words it really weirdly). Though close, the votes lean no. Let me explain why.

If it were a painting, it would be called something like "Meditations on 21st Century Real Estate: Gray Study" (21 May 2014). Some real estate signs sing to your inner home buyer, some leave you flat. Some leave the dead animal on the property right next to them, and who knows what sort of impression they are going for...

Huntsville Weather

The Stormy Passage from Scottsboro to Huntsville (27 Oct 2010). Pics of the storms, as taken from the road, from October 26, 2010 (aka, the day of 30 tornado[ warning]s in North Alabama) No real exciting ones, but it is interesting at how rapidly the weather was switching back and forth.

Alabama at Large

Have there been any good attack ads, lately? (25 Oct 2010). As elections are right around the corner, I muse about not seeing attack ads this year. Not that they don't exist, just that I don't watch enough TV or listen to enough Radio to get exposed.

Bits of Data for You this Monday: States Ranked by Math/Reading Scores and Amounts of Average Snowfall of Various U.S. Spots (24 Jan 2011). The 50 states (plus 2) are ranked on math/reading. Go ahead and guess where Alabama lies.

Alabama Senate committee approves four abortion bills (13 Apr 2011). Alabama is one of several states seeking to curb abortion through a number of methods: emotional approaches, limiting choices, and redefining what counts as a legal human. A senate committee recently approved four bills which will join others to be voted on pretty soon.

Alabama Rep. Daniel Boman (D-Sulligent)'s insane but kind of funny (in that hysterical laughter is better than crying way) House Resolution 204: CLARIFYING LANGUAGE IN THE GOVERNOR'S PROPOSAL FOR CREATING JOBS (6 Mar 2012). Daniel Boman wants to clear up some things about Governor Bentley's push for jobs in Alabama - at the admitted cost to an already painfully strapped education budget. Either laughter is the best medicine, or politics in Alabama is one step from simply giving up on a bucket ride down to hell.

Dry v Wet Counties in the State of Alabama (20 Apr 2012). Alabama has *mostly* wet counties, but I was surprised to find out the north third is nearly entirely dry with the exception of various cities.

Pornhub shows off top search terms by state. Go ahead and guess Alabama's top three... (10 Sep 2013). Pornhub, a fairly large free-porn site and aggregator of links to other porn sites, has exposed Alabama's secret fetish.

It is illegal for non-stores to sell animals in Alabama between sunset and sunrise (barring the passage of 2014's HB5) (12 Feb 2014). Alabama Code 3-1-20 bars the sell of domestic animals or fowl between sunset and sunrise, though this law may be a thing of the past soon if Representative Nordgren's bill succeeds.

One line from the Alabama tax instruction booklet that made me laugh as much as any line from a tax instruction booklet can... (13 Apr 2014). Filling out taxes can be stressful, that's way we pay money fair money to do it for us. However, there are hidden gems...

Of Anal Clefts and Alcohol in Alabama (9 Sep 2014). Some of our alcohol-centric laws in this state are backwards. One is, well, kind of funny when you picture men in suits and ties debating the wording.

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