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"Goodbye, Arrested Development". Now that the show has been cancelled and nails are being driven in the coffin, I just rant against FOX and rave on the show for a few minutes to get it all out...*sniff*.

My discussion on illegal downloads, mostly the way that I ended up spending a lot of money after using illegal downloads to sample stuff.

Alternate Forms of Distribution. Good. Bad. (16 May, 2009) I look at a few differnet ways that media artists try and reach their fans.

Sporadic tokens or a plethora of white? (5 Dec 2009). Should we keep using token (as in token black, token hispanic, token gay) characters, or should we move away? Is the alternative of not using minority characters at all better? [cross-posted to ...on Words].

My favorites of the Decade 2000-2009, Part 1 (TV Shows and Books), Part 2 (Movies and Horror Movies), and Part 3 (Music and Other things (19 Dec 2009). I break down a little over thirty of my favorite things form the past decade.

Laugh Tracks...I don't like them. (12 Jan 2009). I talk about laugh tracks and what I don't like about them, and what little I do like about them (or at least about how I understand where they come from).

I, Ponder. Anglophile and proud. (22 Jan 2009). I'm an anglophile right out, and this is my suggestion that us anglophiles might need to stick together. To this in, I propose the term "Ponder" as a label to describe us, and...I don't know...I'll think of something.

Thinking about Movie (et al) Ratings (26 Apr 2010). In America, we have G, PG, PG-13, R, NC-17, and "un-". In other countries, they have very similar ratings, usually making a split around 7-8 and another around 12-14. Some have simpler. Some have more complex. The thing that gets me, though, is that all assume that a total rating is best: that all the various evils and vile behaviors of a movie can be best summed into one. I am wondering, partially, about splitting that up.

Doug's General Theory of the Five Parts to a Movie (6 Jun 2010). It seems like most movies have five parts. Not all, but most. Introduction, Establishment, Expansion, Alteration, Resolution.

The worst cover ever for a good album? The Death of "Hipster" as a pejorative? Is It Ok to Giggle at a Cock Trap? And other questions... (6 Dec 2010). Not only do I include a link to an M83 song, but I wonder briefly why Familjen's album cover is so shitey.

So Tyra Banks had a show about the Tape Worm Diet, and... (29 Aug 2011). ...I don't think I can do TV anymore. At least not the kind that doesn't come on DVD and has both skip and pause buttons.

Me being a worrywart about the future of Community, but still, you know, I'm game for #sixseasonsandamovie if it can happen joyfully (22 May 2012). Community ended its third season with some stellar episodes, especially stellar in the sense that they tied up far more loose ends than one could have imagined, but now the future is ahead of it, and I am worried slightly.

Fascinatingly, two recent music videos combine forest and horror imagery in songs named after reflective actions... (15 Sep 2013). Two new music videos have tapped into a mixture of symbols invoking hints of horror and isolation thrust into the forest near the edge of civilization. Just to talk about the absurdity of human life, sort of...

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"Music you may not have heard of..."

  1. Vanessa Van Basten

Juxtaposition Theater

Juxtaposition Theater #1: The Darjeeling Limited versus Visitor Q (10 Sep 2009).

Juxtaposition Theater #2: Chinatown versus Halloween III: Season of the Witch (12 Apr 2012).


TV Series


Fake Music Albums (and possibly Movies)

I don't know what it is that makes me want to do this, but every once in a while I get the idea to sit down and "make" a fake album (and occasionally movie). It will usually just be the cover, titles, some sample lyrics, and so forth. If I was to actually try and write the songs, I would probably be bored of it, so I stop with just enough to make it seem plausible.

Help Me Find This Singer

STATUS UPDATE: FOUND!!! Jen Trynin's "Better Than Nothing"

That's right, I found the song. I also highly recommend looking it up. The rest, below, is posted for history sake. Couple of notes, below.

I am trying to find out the name of a group (or solo artist). All I know is the following information:

The Best Things in Life Are Free
"Media" Edition

Though it might not be up to your normal, distinguished tastes, I would like to point out that you can find b-movie heaven at Public Domain Torrents. The majority of them will only appeal to those people wanting a MST3k night, but there are a few good ones, as well.

A (Nearly) Random List of Favorites & Essentials


The IT Crowd. Black Books. Spaced. Arrested Development. Father Ted. Red Dwarf. Flight of the Conchords. Are You Being Served? Keeping Up Appearances. Jeeves and Wooster. A Bit of Fry and Laurie. Scrubs. FLCL. Tales from the Crypt. Coupling. Frasier. The Office (UK). Ranma. Mythbusters. Gankutsuou. Firefly. Escaflowne. The Daily Show. Meet the Robinsons. Shingu. Neon Genesis Evangelion. The Mighty Boosh. Darkplace. Full Metal Alchemist. Zombie Loan.


Shaun of the Dead. Night of the Living Dead. 28 Days Later. Nightmare Before Christmas. Blade Runner. Children of Men. Fight Club. Snatch. Lord of the Rings. Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle. Boondock Saints. Uzumaki. Battle Royale. Shawshank Redemption. Shutter. Slither. Dawn of the Dead. Return of the Living Dead. Flight of the Dead. Eight Legged Freaks. Candyman. Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Dune. Star Wars. Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. Undead. Ninth Gate. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Garden State. Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead. the Ring. Dark Water. Evil Dead. Creep Show. Minority Report. Total Recall. A Scanner Darkly. One Missed Call. The Host. Stardust. Sweeney Todd. No Country for Old Men.


Akeboshi. Ambulance. Emilie Autumn. Apoptose. As I Lay Dying. Frank Black. Ludwig van Beethoven. Johnny Cash. Nick Cave. John Coltrane. Darkest of the Hillside Thickets. Miles Davis. Dead Can Dance. Death Cab for Cutie. Depeche Mode. Die Warzau. Dimmu Borgir. Bob Dylan. Danny Elfman. Explosions in the Sky. Freezepop. GOLDEN AGE. Haggard. Colin Hay. Robert Johnson. KMFDM. Lamb of God. Lacuna Coil. Leaves Eyes. Modest Mouse. Nine Inch Nails. Gary Numan. The Orb. Orbital. Penumbra. The Pillows. Pixies. Postal Service. Shiina Ringo. The Shins. Sirenia. Skinny Puppy. Slayer. Rasputina. Rush. Franz Schubert. Kenji Siratori. They Might Be Giants. Tom Waits. Within Temptation. Wormfood. Yes.

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