Discovery Channel hostage situation [actual news]

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BLOT: (01 Sep 2010 - 03:17:56 PM)

Discovery Channel hostage situation [actual news]

Apparently someone, possibly with explosives strapped to himself, is holding at least one hostage at Discovery Channel's Maryland headquarters, as reported by MSNBC and by In elements to make this something a little bizarre, the hostage-taker is most likely an Asian male who goes by "Lee" and has a website (thanks to @vilay on Twitter for the tip that I totally would have forgotten about) which, amongst other things, calls out Discovery Channel for placating the masses and not having real content about how to prevent Global Warming and Animal Extinction. There is a treatment for a TV show about bringing different inventor sorts and whatnot in to come up with solutions and attack each other's solutions, perhaps something he submitted to Discovery. If you follow the link through the newsstories, you'll see a list of demands he's recently posted. I'll not link directly.

Ratcheting up the bizarre quotient one more time, he also claims to be the mystery guy who threw the thousands of dollars in the air in the Youtube clip Mad Money Dash in Silver Spring, a 2008 stunt that one commenter claims led to his arrest.

Oh, and he just loves Daniel Quinn's Ishmael...

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