From Munckin to Doug Dancin, or how I spent my New Years Eve (bonus link to Youtube video of aforementioned dancing)

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Summary: How I spent my New Years Eve and the next day (aka New Years). Drinking was involved, but honestly it was much more about hanging out with people and playing some of my favorite games nad just chilling and filling human again after a long semester. Oh, and dancing. Can't forget the dancing.

BLOT: (02 Jan 2011 - 03:26:00 PM)

From Munckin to Doug Dancin, or how I spent my New Years Eve (bonus link to Youtube video of aforementioned dancing)

Shortly after taking our Happy New Years picture, Sarah and Alicia and I headed out to McDonalds and then over to the Makeshop. I was bringing Black Death, the punch with a punch last seen at The Fourth—and for now, Final—Masque of the Black Death, downstairs when I hit a muddy patch at the very bottom of the bottom steps and slipped. I sat the ice chest down just fine but slammed my already rough knee into the pavement. Luckily, I did not hit the kneecap but instead hit the edge of the joint, which has been sore since but is no longer swollen like it was the next day. Where others might see an omen, I saw merely a comical story to rehash later.

We got the Shop about 7:30pm, well before the curve of the crowd, and I sat up the punch. This is the first time several have seen me make it. Here's the recap. Take about two liters of alcohol, pour into a bowl. Then, put in some grenadine (to taste). Then, put in about two liters of juice. I'll let you do the math. Drink by the cupful until happy. Refill bowl with the same portions later when the first bowl runs down. Oh, and some club soda for a little extra sparkle, but not too much.

The party was lots of fun even if I did spend the majority of the time over at a table in a corner. For some of that, I was playing VVVVVV. I had made a absolutely facetious tweet about taking a shot every time I died in game, which I in no way endorse nor consider humanly possible, but I did play for an hour or two and people gathered and commiserated. Outside of that, we just talked crap about various things and hung out and had a good time. Someone may have brought whatever that Kinect-based dance game is called. And, after a handful of drinks (see strength of drinks, above) even I, the great and stuffy-shirted Doug, may have danced. Link goes to....that's right, a video of me dancing with Nathan. However, keep these caveats in mind: (a) as is obvious, I have no idea what I am doing for half of this, and (b) see "a". It is pretty obvious when I stop every thirty seconds and squint my eyes at the screen. What was worse, Nathan had selected some sort of "dance battle" mode, so I am not sure if we are even dancing at the right times. At any rate, it was fun and if I had an XBox360 and did not live in an upstairs apartment, I might get it. Since those are two things that are currently false, I'll give the technology a couple of years.

For those with no interest in seeing me dance, you can click right here to see the t-shirt I got Sarah for Christmas and that was debuted at the party. As fine as a geekery slice as it is, turns out it makes an even better belly-dancing top by tucking it up and so there's that for a nerd-gasm. Hot loving dang.

Got back home about 12:30am with much rain involved. Sent my mom a text talking about how wet the rainy New Years was turning out to be, and she somehow read this as "Having a really wild whee New Years" and then, the next morning, assumed I had somehow hacked her phone to delete the text. My mom thinks I am both an elite cell-phreaker and the kind of guy who sends texts to my mom about how wild my parties are going. Next time, I'll just tell her I had too many Stellas and they all was crisp.

Got up about 7am, for reasons I'll explain in a post I'll make tomorrow, and then ended up drifting down Walgreens way to get some eggs + bacon for a post-party breakfast and ended up also picking up a couple of cheap read guilty pleasure paperbacks and a fleece through for my library and probably other, eldritch things I do not remember now. Got the black-eyed peas on the slow boil for dinner that night and the rest of the day was a blur, outside of the moment we met up with Raymond to get back in the Shop and get our supplies and to pick up Sarah's car, which got left behind due to a ride with our DD. Eventually, friends came over and we had an Armagetron themed LAN party until our loptops got too hot to live and then we just sat around and a couple of us did Minecraft and some of us did Katamari Damacy and eventually we all played a non-Epic game of Munchkin Cthulhu. After half the party bounced due to the lateness of the hour, the three of us remaining talked about optimistic futurology and smart matter and encoding data in non-visible spectra and my concept of a self-adjusting program for enhanced user interface in an increasingly small space.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how I spent my New Years Eve and Day. Hope the rest of you had fun. Now to spend a brain dead hour and then get ready for some Shadows of Cthulhu campaign about to happen.

Oh, and I nearly forgot...there may have been a game of giant Jenga played, and it may have sometimes had a game of small Jenga played on top of it.

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