The watery assault upon my personal library/study (with a couple of pics)...

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Summary: A leak has plagued my library for a few weeks now. It just go worst last night, thanks to the double whammy of flat-roof and snow. Includes two pics.

BLOT: (15 Jan 2011 - 01:39:37 PM)

The watery assault upon my personal library/study (with a couple of pics)...

I won't go into a whole lot of detail right this second, because many of you have seen intimation or heard me talking about it right out, and this is mostly a tale still being told. I would also like to take time and kind of go through the full story in a day or so, but for right now, we'll skip ahead to what happened about 2:30am last night. We've had a leak come through, kind of small but constant, for a few weeks now into our library. We are in an apartment, and roofers were called, so it's not simply that we did nothing. I'm not sure if the leak wasn't fixed or, since it is a flat roof, other leaks showed up and then followed the path of the first one (which seems most likely). At any rate, we had some quantity of water continuously flowing through a spot, sometimes just a drop at a time and sometimes a trickle, for all but about two days since Christmas. Eventually the inevitable happened:

As you can see in that photo, it is about 3" by 5"? 2" by 4"? Somewhere in that range. And water has been coming out of it at a steady drip. We called emergency maintenance who got some of the snow off our roof and did some other work, however, the leak has picked up since the sun came out implying my "multiple leaks through one spot" theory is probably correct. You'll also notice the crack to the left of the leak. Well, Sarah and I put tape on it both left and eventually right, but is spread some more. With the great big hole, though, which is now about an inch more on either side, it doesn't seem to have inclination to leak through it.

We had to upgrade from a mid sized trash can to a full-bin to better cover the leak zone.

Sarah is currently getting us a storage shed down at the nearby U-Haul place, as well as a stack of boxes. We're going to pack up some books and some stuff from our guest bedroom, and then get at least the three bookcases behind the leak out. There are five total in that corner, we might find room for all five of them. Then I think we are going to get some plastic tarp from Home Depot and cover up the others in the room, just to be safe. Outside of that, not sure what we can do. I'm going to send these photos on to the apartment folk, just to let them know things get worse (I notice that things for Sarah and I, involving this roof, have always gotten worse on holiday weekends). At the absolute worse case scenario, we pack my entire library/study up and get it out of there, but I'm going to wait.

Thanks to my Shadows of Cthulhu players for understanding yet another postponement in our campaign's dénouement. Will make it up to you with treats or something when we do play.

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