Thursday afternoon. Sun, pipesmoke, crows, and tea...

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Summary: Spent an hour relaxing in the sunlight. While out there, a murder of vrows started to massing. Unfortunately, I'm an idiot and got the camera after they left, but at least I took the picture of the pipe and tea.

BLOT: (03 Mar 2011 - 03:18:20 PM)

Thursday afternoon. Sun, pipesmoke, crows, and tea...

Spent an hour or so outside this afternoon, just relaxing. Had my little Tsuge pipe with Peter Stokkebye's Proper English blend [not pictured], and a flask of tea (mix of strong gunpowder green and a lighter black tea to cut it with a litte sugar). Was thinking about a game—post hopefully later tonight on that—and then crows started gathering. First one, cawing. Then another. Finally, about half a dozen more showed up. They were on the roof across from me. Watching me and my cat. Silent except the first one. Finally, a fair-sized murder a brewing, they flew first into the trees over to the left and then across the courtyard to the right. At THIS moment, I thought about taking a picture. Too late.

I thought about reading some M.R. James, which seems appropriate. No time now, will hit up his 1911 More Ghost Stories later tonight. I have kind of sworn off of short stories, but I'd say this is exception worthy. Anyone else up for some James?

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