Here is a secret. I kind of like clever spam.

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Summary: Spam is the scourge of the digital age. But, hey, makes me smile.

BLOT: (04 Mar 2011 - 02:16:46 PM)

Here is a secret. I kind of like clever spam.

Not clever in the sense of sentient. Could you imagine sentient spam? Holy crap at the sodium. Clever in the sense of...not a Viagra advertisment? Clever because it tries to trick you. Usually really poorly. It is definitely a matter of degree. And I do mean "like". Not love. Never love. It's a toxic relationship. Like that one in highschool. The self-satisfied dreamer? You know who I'm talking about.

Anyhow, this is one that I caught in my class blog. It is gone, now, but for a made me smile. I'll not post the whole thing, just my favorite little bits. They are like poetry. Badly written poetry...for a new generation. Kenji Siratori for the liberal arts businessman. A new mode. A

Many people don't understand the effects misleading effects. I knew what you meant. It can be more effective to give people little opinion with facts here. I recognize this problem but with little clue, so we must face the topic together. With new assurance, we hope that the skill of other categories can be found together...I've studied for more than 4 years to analyze them, but the fact still can't be discovered...Let's give opinion, let's discuss them...The last one but not least, I support your analyzes to face new one...

Or how about this one, that literally just came in while I was typing this blogpost:

I thought it was going to be some boring previous post, but it seriously compensated for my time.

Thanks, asshole?

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