Red State Update on NPR's "Impartiality"

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Summary: Red State Update combine an interesting mix of farce and satire, lampooning both the Red State rhetoric and the Blue State targets of such rhetoric. In this case, after a brief toss out about Sean Penn and Japan, they get on into the NPR scandal, and talk about the /real/ problem with the station.

BLOT: (14 Mar 2011 - 02:09:05 PM)

Red State Update on NPR's "Impartiality"

I miss Red State Update. They are not gone, per se, but are I don't know. I get the feeling they are kind of tired of the format and are sort of in a "when we feel like it" mood. Maybe they have other real life considerations. I have no idea. At any rate, when they came back for their catch up video today, I was expecting great things. A "humanitarian boner" for Sean Penn? Hah, that's kind of funny. But then they get to NPR and Dunlap let's loose a rant that explains exactly what is wrong with news media and political coverage today in an obscenity laden barrage. With National Public Radio supposedly his target, his actual aim canvases pretty much anything but. From his wonderful "those fuckin' eggheads" who think that Republicans are anti-intellectual, to his "why NPR should be opinionated", it is quite wonderful. Warning, though, it has language. Don't play it too loud at the daycare center you work at.

And, before I go, my favorite quote, which really is a thing of beauty and should probably be framed, if angry satirical words could be framed:

NPR, if you really are impartial you better start pretending to partial so you can get people to listen to your damned stories on all-female accordion bands. Look, if you ain't got a harsh, insulting opinion you had better come up with one quick, because here's a newsflash: people just want to hear what loud-mouthed idiot is bellowing the half-assed nonsense that they agree with so that they can pick their teams and go harass the profiles of the half of America that they hate!

Also, wonderful middle bit about kids and cigars. Which seems like it might be a reference to some weird statistics I joked about, back in the day.


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