Power [briefly?] back up, no real update but here's a pic of Sarah and Cinderella by Candlelight

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Summary: About 80 or so hours after we lost it, we have power back up and running. I'm treating this as a potentially temporary respite as other details develop, but here's a brief pic of Sarah and Cindy by candlelight.

BLOT: (01 May 2011 - 03:51:34 AM)

Power [briefly?] back up, no real update but here's a pic of Sarah and Cinderella by Candlelight

About 1:30am or so, we got power back on Julia St. I have NO idea if this is an actually permanent state of affairs or is something we will lose when they have to reroute power to other areas. There are a lot of stores and gas stations nearby, so it is possible that we were designated a needed spot and got lucky in that regard. I have things charging back up, have some potentially damaged stuff checked out, have done most of my online business that I've been needing to do, have done what I can to salvage what food we have left, and so am ready for a couple more days of no power if needed (but really, I hope that doesn't happen). I don't know the rest of Huntsville's status, but hopefully everyone will be well and good. Sarah and I are going to try and get gas tomorrow and then see about helping out some areas that we couldn't quite get to until we got supplies ourselves.


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