XKCD talks about women scientists

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Summary: When it comes to science, it sometimes we seem to be just as far from reaching a point where women are fully accepted as ever, but maybe Randall Munroe has a point: we should stop acting like there has only been one.

BLOT: (09 May 2011 - 12:08:31 AM)

XKCD talks about women scientists

I know several women scientists. I know several women science teachers. They exist. And sure, I know various women who started out going into hard science and decided the field wasn't for them but then I know men who did the same. I won't quote statistics or whatever at you, again (I have brought this up a couple of times), but it is strange that despite years of increased integration, the concept of a female scientist still is treated as so...strange [movies with busty red-headed assistants deeply in love with their roguishly attractive Ph.D. wielding male supervisors notwithstanding]. As women start to surpass men in higher education degrees, maybe we will see a tipping point (or mabye a point of nearer equilibrium) but, being married to a chemist all I can say is, Randall Munroe is right, we should probably stop teaching it like Marie Curie was the only one.

Addendum: Sarah sent me this link this morning: ACS Celebrates the Achievements of Women Scientists in American History. Not sure how long that page will be active, but it's worth a quick read while it is.


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