Sore throats and Friday nights...quick catchings up...

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Summary: My throat hurts. That's about all I got to report. Well, I'll toss a few more things in, I guess.

BLOT: (20 May 2011 - 10:35:25 PM)

Sore throats and Friday nights...quick catchings up...

I don't know what I planned to do for Friday night, but be sick wasn't one of them. I don't know if I am sick. I have a sore throat, an itchy nose, and a slightly wobbly feeling. The sore throat showed up today while I was on my lunch break, out of nowhere, and persists. Hopefully it will be gone tomorrow I am going to spend Rapture Day with a bit of the achy tonsils. Ah, well.

I had planned to regale you with a couple of cool links, but those will be postponed. Instead, I'll drop this bit here: if you are Madison county and your utility bill doesn't seem to have shown up yet, here is the PDF showing what your new read-date is.... Sarah's and mine went from round about the 10th of everything month to the 18th. One of her coworkers went from about the 12th of every month to 27th. There are some big changes there.

Outside of that, things are mostly fine. Sarah and I spent the last couple of nights downtown (the allergies caused by such might be the reason for the old achy bit) but spent tonight in. Hell, I spent most of it asleep. The Downtown excursions were nice. Got to eat at Sam & Greg's, visit the park, drink some beers in the Klatsch, and overall just walk about where there were crowds but entire new crowds from our usual hang outs (read, the courtyard here and random window-shopping trips).

I have only been working Fridays, something that will last for at least one more week, as we are in a down-time between semesters. Which is nice. I finished up my UA (University of Alabama) semester on the 8th. Have all A's which keeps my 4.0 GPA for the Master's degree. A degree I finally got all my paperwork in to apply for today. Jebus. I literally got so caught up in the semester itself that I forgot to apply for the degree I was working for. That sounds a bit like me.

In my downtown, I mostly want to read and watch horror movies. That's my big plans. Everything else? Extraneous.

And I guess that's it for right now. Bonus link: cell phones are killing bees. Sweet dreams.


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