The Almost Photo of the Sexy Hot Ridout Sisters

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Summary: This photo is what happens when your damned camera takes forever to take a shot.

BLOT: (15 Jun 2011 - 04:03:53 PM)

The Almost Photo of the Sexy Hot Ridout Sisters

On Monday, Sarah and Alicia (as I said in my last post, Alicia was visiting this weekend) went shopping. When they got back, I went to take a photo of them on the way across the parking lot. My camera took about 30 seconds to turn on, get ready to take a picture, and then take a picture. What should have been a cute candid photo of them gabbing turned into a blurry half-photo of them staring at the stairs they are about to go up while being mostly blocked by the window I was trying to take the picture through. Oh well. It was kind of a funny story and a useless photograph. Still, with Alicia's upcoming trip...maybe this is the last photo I will have of her...alive. DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNNN!!! It sure is blurry enough to fit that sort of motif, right?*

And for those confused (not every knows me and my family as well as I): Sarah [my wife] Bolden, née Ridout, is on the right. Alicia [the sis-in-law] is the one on the left.

* There are two photographic clues that you are going to die in a horror movie. If, on the start of a trip, you take a photo and it is A) a smiling, happy group photo full of triumph or B) something grainy that looks like it came out of a 1970s era security camera...well, good luck and avoid the stabbies.


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